The purpose of the corporation is:

To bring Christian faith-based solutions to those homeless, or not, seeking recovery from addiction and abuse; including alcohol and drug problems. Through the transforming power and grace of Jesus Christ, we will provide safe, nonjudgmental, structure opportunities which will lead participants in discovering God’s Peace while helping in the transformation to productive, independent, and well-balanced members of society.

Special Update!

After years of knocking on doors only to have them close, we are excited about a new possibility. We have been offered the use of a house for 2 – 4 years for the cost of expenses. We can use it for a home for women in recovery for a few years. That would give us a chance to begin and develop a positive testimony and track record. The only hurdle we face is a variance from the village planning board to allow us to have more than 3 unrelated people in the same household. Please pray for us! Board meetings will be April and May. Please PRAY we will be given a variance. If/when that happens we will be very busy & in need of furniture, money for a van and other expenses! We will also need volunteers to get the house in order!