The purpose of the corporation is:

To bring Christian faith-based solutions to those homeless, or not, seeking recovery from addiction and abuse; including alcohol and drug problems. Through the transforming power and grace of Jesus Christ, we will provide safe, nonjudgmental, structure opportunities which will lead participants in discovering God’s Peace while helping in the transformation to productive, independent, and well-balanced members of society.

Special Update!

PRAISE THE LORD!!! After 16 months of various meetings with the Canton Planning and Zoning Boards, we have finally received permission to use the Grace Episcopal Church parsonage as a home for women in recovery. One stipulation is that we return in 6 months after we begin for a review to make sure we have not changed the character of the neighborhood.

Now that we have approval we will be very busy and we need your help!

  • The house needs some minor repairs
  • Furnishings for the house (Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Office, Bedrooms, Bathrooms)
  • A 7 passenger van
  • Initial start-up finances of about $7,000
  • A back fence to guarantee privacy for the neighbors
  • Monthly pledges to cover monthly expenses for the house, and salary for the Resident Director
  • A Resident Director who will live in with the women
  • People who can help teach and mentor the women
  • Lots of Prayer!

If you can help with any of these needs, please contact either John Ault or Carolyn White. See the sidebar for emails and also the address to send contributions.