Many wonder if the Bible says more about addiction than we’re not supposed to get drunk. The fact is, the Bible has a fantastic amount of helpful insight into the whole area of addiction, and very practical advice on how to deal with it in our lives. For example:

  • When we separate our experience of pleasure from a relationship with God, we open the door to addiction and all kinds of dysfunction.
  • There are two main engines driving addiction: Desire for pleasure pulls us there, but it is pain in our lives that pushes us there and keeps us there.
  • God designed us to:
    • Visit Healthy Highs
    • Live Happy
    • Resolve Hurts

In addiction we attempt to solve our pain by escaping to artificial highs rather than solving the problem prompting the pain. But when we come down, we have even more pain, so we repeat the cycle and end up in an endless downward spiral.

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